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1/2" Black Floor Flange For Pipe Furniture - Premium
Ironwerks Designs

1/2" Black Floor Flange For Pipe Furniture - Premium

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  • COMPOSED OF A STRONG MALLEABLE IRON these decorative flanges have the ability to support heavy loads. This Ironwerks Designs plumbing flange is composed of malleable iron and carbon and can be used in any vintage, farmhouse, rustic or country décor setting. They can be used in any DIY project you want to make requiring pipe fittings. This is a 4-hole flange and is stronger, sturdier and more balanced than the cheaper 3-hole flange.
  • ANTI RUST TREATMENT is applied to this pipe fitting to insure protection from water regardless how much humidity it is subjected to. This makes it great for bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else water or steam or water may be an issue.
  • MULTIPURPOSE wall décor can be used to build pipe lamps, floating shelves, hanging racks, pipe clothing racks and many other DIY projects. These metal décor pipe fittings for the do it yourselfer can also be used in attaching bookshelves, making tables, tv stands, bed frames, lamp lighting and much more. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • VINTAGE STYLE, chic, and bold are some types of décor these cast iron made flanges go with and can make the place look unique and retro. These metal décor items go well with all kinds of interior design and enhance the architecture too. They can be attached to pipe nipples, that would screw into an elbow, tee, cap and other pipe fittings to add a hint of sophistication and elegance and will makes them stand out in all places.
  • ECONOMICAL pricing of these metal decor flanges and NO CHINA STAMP make this perfect for any black pipe fitting project. They are incredibly tough, will last years and come with a guarantee.

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