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Pipe Coat and Hat Hook - Black Electroplated Finish
Pipe Coat and Hat Hook - Black Electroplated Finish
Pipe Coat and Hat Hook - Black Electroplated Finish
Ironwerks Designs

Pipe Coat and Hat Hook - Black Electroplated Finish

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🏋🏻‍♂️ STRONG AND AESTHETIC qualities make thse hooks even more attractive. The hooks built of iron allows maximum sturdiness and the vintage color and design make it very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They look great in the hallway hanging jackets, coats. hats and more.
⚙️ ELECTROPLATED BODY makes it free from oil and rust and gives the hook long life and durability. The heavy-duty black iron bold finish gives compliments to all different types of décor.
🛁 VERSATILE in every aspect these hooks can be used in many different ways. They can be hung in the garage, bedroom or your closet. They look perfect in the bathroom too and are strong enough not only to hold towels or robes, but bags, backpacks, handbags, purses.
🛠 EASY TO INSTALL, ASSEMBLE AND MAINTAIN these hooks can be put up in minutes and require no maintenance.
🏵OOZES CHARM AND CHARISMA: With a subtle hint of vintage mixed with modern, the hooks carry the quintessential essence of the old world charm and the new world charisma.They embellish the walls with an extraordinary oomph and glamour too brilliant to ignore.

Get hooked onto these iron electroplated black finish hooks with a fine vintage look and design. Extremely durable and sturdy these hooks are oil, water and rust resistant.

Fit them up in the entranceway, garage, bedroom or any living space, these hooks look fantastic wherever placed like in the entry of your house or waiting hall of your office to hang coats, hats and other outerwear.

These hooks are strong enough to withhold backpacks, bags, purses, handbags and look pretty cool in the bathroom too with towels and clothes hanging on them.

Easy to assemble and maintenance free, these hooks occupy less space and give a classy vintage vibe. The rich black polish makes the hooks look elite and their design gives them an extraordinary antiqueness. Along with low price and classy build these hooks come with a guarantee and no Chinese stamp. Make your living space stand out with these beautiful hooks.

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